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2021 Predictions Bingo UPDATE!

We’re on our way to BINGO, Strong Hands Nation!

So far, we’ve checked off four spots from our 2021 predictions bingo card:

Now, we told you that you could place our predictions anywhere you wanted on the blank bingo card. That means you could have BINGO right now!

So far, the four predictions that have come true are:

1 — A country will adopt bitcoin as its sovereign currency.
9 — An esports event will attract 4X more viewers than the Super Bowl.
11 — Tesla will buy into bitcoin.
19 — Tesla will be added to the S&P 500.

Click here to view larger image.

Be sure to check your card! If you have bingo, be the first to email us a picture of your completed card for a special prize at [email protected]!

If you haven’t hit bingo yet, no worries. We’re bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) that we’ll have more predictions to check off soon!

Play Bingo for Fun, but Invest for Growth

Investing should be fun! On top of that, we want you to lock in massive bold profits. That’s why we look for GROWTH stocks, sectors and mega trends. Here are some recommendations:

Bitcoin Currency Prediction CHECK! $250K Next?! One of Paul’s 2021 predictions — which some said was the most outrageous — is coming true! This gives him a confidence boost that our bold predictions are making incredible strides.

Growth vs. Value Stocks — Invest Here. There’s a key distinction between growth and value stocks that you should know. See, America 2.0 is an idea built on growth stocks. But why?

Profit From Epic Plant-Based Foods Mega Trend. The rise in alt-milk/meat popularity is a phenomenal investment opportunity for you. This disruptification is about to unfold and create the “future of food.”

New Precision Medicine RX = Next-Level Gains. This new Alzheimer’s drug is proof that precision medicine is going mainstream. That means phenomenal profit potential for biotech investors who tap this major America 2.0 medical trend.

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin… Who’s Next? We thought it was a big deal when companies added bitcoin (BTC) to their balance sheet. This is a whole other league above that. And it could mean BIG things for crypto investors.


Your Bold Profits Team

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